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JTOpen: The Open Source version
of the IBM Toolbox for Java

The IBM Toolbox for Java is a library of Java classes supporting the client/server and internet programming models to a system running IBM i (or i5/OS or OS/400). The classes can be used by Java applets, servlets, and applications to easily access IBM i data and resources.

The Toolbox does not require additional client support over and above what is provided by the Java Virtual Machine and TCP/IP.

JTOpen is the open source version of the IBM Toolbox for Java licensed program product, and contains the identical code. Both have been tested on a wide variety of platforms, including AIX, IBM i, Linux, Solaris, and Windows.

Details of all the functions and capabilities are available on the IBM Toolbox for Java web page.

You can download the latest pre-built version of the JTOpen jar files from the JTOpen downloads page.

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Both JTOpen and the IBM Toolbox for Java are distributed under the IBM Public License (IPL).

IBM support statement:
JTOpen is the open source version of the IBM Toolbox for Java Licensed Program Product (LPP). Aside from simply being "open source", it is our fast-path mechanism to get fixes and enhancements to customers without waiting for possible PTFs or release boundaries. Thus, the JTOpen offering is always at the most current level of fixes and function, and can lead by up to four months the fixes available via the Toolbox for Java LPP. Support for the current, unmodified version of the IBM-supplied JTOpen is identical to the IBM Toolbox for Java LPP. If a software defect is found, the fix will be provided in the next available public build. The level of support (voice/email/fax) is dependent on the type of service contract. Although the terms and conditions require the statement of "as is" support for JTOpen, the JTOpen code is maintained by the same development team and with the same level of quality as the Toolbox LPP. Code fixes for JTOpen will continue to be supplied via the web site. The JTOpen support is also possible via the web forum and web site. The JTOpen code is available in both compiled and source code versions for customer downloads. This agreement is applicable worldwide and has been agreed upon by the IBM i Service Support team.

Here is just a sampling of the many IBM i resources you can access using JTOpen:

  • Database -- JDBC (SQL) and record-level access (DDM)
  • Integrated File System
  • Program calls (RPG, COBOL, service programs, etc)
  • Commands
  • Data queues
  • Data areas
  • Print/spool resources
  • Product and PTF information
  • Jobs and job logs
  • Messages, message queues, message files
  • Users and groups
  • User spaces
  • System values
  • System status