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To-Do List and Work Items for JTOpen and IBM Toolbox for Java
Last updated 2005-09-02

Please email the JTOpen team (rchjt400@us.ibm.com) if you have any questions, updates, or additions to the items on this list, or if you would like to work on any of them.

Unassigned Work Items

Work Item
AS400DataType - Add a getJavaType() method to AS400DataType to allow users to determine what Java type is used to represent the AS400 Data Type.
Job queues - Implement a JobQueue class so that the queue can be checked for inconsistencies, abnormalities or errors. (i.e. overflow, operational issue, etc.)
log4j logging - Provide the ability to use log4j logging in addition to java.util.logging.
Connection Pool Pre-testing - Various versions of WAS have connection pretesting which is done before a connection is taken from the pool and given to the requestor (see reference ). Perhaps this same functionality can be added to JTOpen.
Hierarchical File System - What about accessing the Hierarchical File System with Java? I would like to access a LAN attached optical using Java and cannot find a way to accomplish it. (See http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/iseries/v5r2/ic2924/books/c4153103.pdf ). The iSeries API's I would like to see in Java would include:
- Open Stream File (QHFOPNSF)
- Read Stream File (QHFRDSF)
- Close Stream File (QHFCLOSF)
This functionality is not available through the IFS for LAN attached optical servers. (Requested by Steve More on 2005-10-26)
User queues - WOULD BE EXTREMELY USEFUL. Add classes to manipulate user queues. User queues are a mixture of user spaces and data queues. Each entry can be up to 16MB, but there isn't as much capability as there is with data queues. There are no APIs to manipulate user queues, only MI instructions, so some server code must be written to call the MI instructions after receiving a request from the client.
IFS via NetServer - WOULD BE EXTREMELY USEFUL. Add support in IFS in terms of the SMB protocol for AS/400 NetServer.
RLA null keys - RLA -- support null keys.
RLA DB join - RLA -- support DB Join (of physical and logical files).
Record and field reuse - Record and field re-use.
Subfiles - Toolbox support for subfiles.
Display files - Toolbox support for display files. Note that VisualAge for Java already has a wizard to do this.
Retrieve record format - RLA -- the 'retrieve record format' function should be improved to support more than just the field name and the field type. Make column heading available, for example.
Add SpooledFile list to Job - Update spooled file list to create a list for a job (i.e. SpooledFileList spl = myJob.getSpooledFileList(); where myJob is a Toolbox Job object).
RLA record count - RLA -- Support record counts > 2 GB. In V4R5, the AS/400 changed its maximum record count variable from signed to unsigned, increasing the maximum from 2GB to4GB. Since Java has no unsigned int, it is more work for us.
RLA deleted records - Allow access to deleted records in RLA.
DataQueue JMS - Wrapper the DataQueue class so it implements the JMS (Java Message Service) specification.
Large data queues - Support creating data queues > 16 MB. Would probably need to use CommandCall since the DataQueue APIs would require a change on the host server.
RLA edit codes - Support RLA edit codes.
IFS pathname enhancements - Allow relative pathnames in IFS; add current directory support to IFS.
JarMaker timestamps - Update JarMaker to preserve file timestamps. The easiest way to do this is to use JDK 1.2 function: File.setLastModified(). This work item would require JDK 1.2.
Job queue classes - Add support for job queue management.
Converters for document formats - Add conversion to various document formats.
AS400 connection timeout - Add a user-changeable connection timeout setting on the AS400 object.
ServiceProgramCall enhancements - Enhance the ServiceProgramCall classes to return a byte array, handle more parameters, and pass parameters by value as well as by reference.
System and user state security - Add methods to the Toolbox that implement the AS/400 "system" and "user" state interfaces to supply a higher level of security when running in the AS/400 JVM.
Native RLA enhancements - Update the native record-level access classes to remove their client/server feel and optimize them for running in the AS/400 JVM. For example, commits should occur on a connection basis, not on a job basis. The interface would remain the same as the client side.
RLA BLOBs - Add support for BLOBs via record-level access and DDM, as well as any other new data types. Requires server updates.
SSL client encryption - Add support for SSL encryption on the client.
Date/time currency - Update Toolbox date and time support to match any server changes.


Assigned Work Items

Work Item Assigned To Expected Time of Completion Current Status