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Developing JTOpen

If there's a feature that you'd like to see added to JTOpen, consider becoming a part of the JTOpen development process. Since JTOpen is an open source project, it's easy to get involved. Read the development overview below for more info on how the JTOpen project works.

The JTOpen project is licensed under the IBM Public License, which has been approved by the Open Source Initiative.

If you would like to contribute your valuable time and code to the project, please see the To-Do list for a list of work items that are currently open.


There are generally two types of submissions: bug fixes and new function. For bug fixes, it is easy enough to post to the JTOpen web forum, Jitterbug database, or send an email to the developers and/or Core Team. We are always grateful for any bug reports (and especially fixes for said bugs) that our users can provide.

All code submitted to the JTOpen project is submitted under the IBM Public License. Currently, the process for submitting new function is to send an e-mail to the Core Team saying you would like to donate your Java source code to the project, including a brief description of the function it provides. Assuming the function fits in with the general "accessing OS/400 or i5/OS data and resources from a client" ideology, we will likely accept what you have to offer, especially if it deals with any of the items on our To-Do List.

You must send an e-mail to the Core Team a signed JTOpen Contributor License Agreement before your code is accepted.

Some guidelines for new function code:

  • It should be well-documented with javadoc and comments, subject to Toolbox coding specifications. Author and version tags are acceptable.
  • It should be well-tested. Testcases and a test suite are often required alongside the source submission, depending on the amount and complexity of the function.
  • It should not contain any GPL or other source code that was published under another license. This conflicts with the terms of the IBM Public License.
  • The Java package it belongs to will usually be com.ibm.as400.access. Other packages names will be considered, depending on the type of function.
  • Even though the code is in the access package, it will be held in a separate directory in the CVS repository. This is to keep code that was originally part of the Toolbox licensed product separate from all of the other source. A list of submitters will be maintained for credit and support-related issues.
  • The pre-compiled JTOpen binaries (.jar and .class files) will incorporate both the Toolbox legacy source code and any new function source code.
  • Currently, CVS access has not been granted to developers outside the JTOpen Core Team, although it is possible to grant long-term contributors read/write access to the repository.